We, Gallery SUDOH, are always looking for such a great potentiality that the art originally has by itself. As the message which artists send to viewers through their artworks reminds them?of various?imaginations. Then, thanks to their message, we can find out some precious things in our current life.

 Through my personal experiences and my perception, I would say that art is the "mental nourishment" that is essential for people to live in the affluent society. And I am hoping that people will enjoy owning beautiful pieces of original art that matches their surroundings and fertile imagination will be enjoyed.Therefore our basic raison d'etre is to exhibit and share impressive works of art with as many as people possible.

 At the same time we are holding a variety of events every year including "Exhibition of Messages from Young Artists", which invites young artists to exhibit work or it introduces artists from home or abroad.Furthermore,We would like to support Japanese artists so that they can be active with the whole world as their stage or, more accurately,the audience.  In addition to displaying these works of contemporary art,we would like to continue to value human relations and friendship highly.

Ichiro Sudoh,Director